Bookmark Preservation for

Individuals and Teams

Linkwarden is an open-source collaborative bookmark manager to collect, organize and preserve webpages.

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Collect and Organize

  • Collect webpages and bookmarks from any browser.

  • Organize Links with Collections, Sub-Collections, and Tags.

  • Create new Collections to group related Links.

Preserve Webpages

  • Access webpages even if they are taken down.

  • Safeguard your webpages against Link Rot.

  • Download your archived webpages.

Collaborate and Share

  • Collaborate on gathering resources under a Collection.

  • Assign customizable permissions to each member.

  • Easily share curated collections with the world.

Hold on, there's More!

Open Source, Self-Hostable

We published our entire source code to GitHub for transparency and trust.

Responsive Design

Designed for every screen size, from widescreen monitors down to smartphones.

Pin your Favorite links

Pin your favorite webpages to the dashboard for easy access anytime.

Privacy Friendly

Privacy is a fundamental human right. We won't sell your data to third parties.

Powerful Search

You can search and filter all your curated contents across all your collections effortlessly.

Browser Extension

Collect webpages directly from your browser with our open-source extension.

Dark & Light Mode

Easily toggle between dark and light mode, whichever you prefer.

Bulk Actions

Edit or delete multiple items at once easily.

Import & Export

You can import and export your bookmarks easily from the settings.

Installable PWA for Mobile

App-like experience across devices with PWA support, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility for all users.

Secure API Integration

Connect and secure your integrations using access tokens to create custom solutions and automate with ease.

And Many More Features...

We're constantly improving and got tons of updates planned, some are outlined in our public roadmap.

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  • Support open source!

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  • Hosted by us/yourself.

  • Unlimited Links.

  • Unlimited Collections.

  • Unlimited Tags.

  • All the premium features.

  • Priority support.

  • Automatic updates.

  • Fully customizable instance.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • Support open source!

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